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WHY GO Project (September 2018)

HANDS UP (July 2019)

ONE MAN SHOW (August 2019)

WINNER TAKES ALL (September 2019)

GOOD ON YOU (October 2019)

SET ME FREE (October 2019)

BETTER THAN FINE (October 2019)

BETTER THAN FINE (Trance Remix) (October 2019)

DRAMATIC (October 2019)

SWEET TALK (February 2020)

BAD LIAR (April 2020)

BAD LIAR (PL Remix) (April 2020)

ALL I NEED IS ONE (April 2020)

FALL FOR IT ( May 2020)

FALL FOR IT (Tropical Remix) (May 2020)

HELL ON EARTH (June 2020)

QUE SERA SERA (October 2020)

MAKE ME WANNA (Coming Soon...)